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In the Heart of Sicily
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The Pollara Agritourism Farm is located in a privileged area in the centre of Western Sicily, perfect for exploring the most important historical, cultural, archeological and enogastronomic centres.
You can visit the town of Monreale or the magnificent Ficuzza Woods with the Royal Palace and Hunting Lodge in Rocca Busambra or the wonderful Due Rocche Falls near Corleone or Selinunte and Segesta with their Greek temples and so much more.

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Monreale is well-known thanks to its magnificent Norman cathedral, with its decorated apses and blind arches. Inside it, after passing the splendid front door made by Bonanno Pisano, are the magnificent mosaic-covered walls, defined as a miracle of goldsmithery.
They cover a 630 square kilometres surface and they depict scenes from the Bible such as the moment of the Creation, the Prophets, Jesus and the Resurrection and the famous Christ Pantocrator.
Next to the cathedral is located the former Benedictine Convent which is now a Gallery of Modern Art.
On the left side of the square it is possible to find Palazzo di Città, an eighteenth century building which houses important paintings such as those made by Antonio Pietro Novello, the father of the illustrious Pietro.
Located near the cathedral is also the ancient district named Carmine, with its famous “chiassi”, common spaces where in the past farmers and their families would reunite and listen to Benedictines fathers talk. Not far away is also the historic district of the Bavera, named after the tax collectors who used to live in the area.
Just a few steps away is Chiesa della Collegiata, a church founded in the seventeenth century, which houses the “Patruzzu Amurusu” crucifix, said to have saved the town from the plague. Antonio Veneziano and Pietro Novelli are buried in another nearby church, San Vito’s. Dedicated to the patron saint of Monreale, Saint Castrense, is a church full of statues and stuccos from the serpentine school of Giacomo Serpotta.
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Alto Belice Corleonese
The Alto Belice area is located in the inland area South of Palermo. The territory is characterised by mountains, limestone hills and by an agricultural landscape typical of the Sicily of the Feudi.
Towns and villages here have a medieval origin strongly influenced by the Spanish domination (XVI-XVIII centuries).
Certain villages are still inhabited by the descendants of the Albanian people who fled from the Turkish invasion of their country in the sixteenth century. They have preserved their traditions, language, religious rituals and folklore.
The Alto Belice area has lived all the most important moments and dominations in the history of Sicily and this is proven by the presence of famous monuments such as the Greek Theatre of the old town of Iato, the Arab baths of Cefalà Diana, the Norman cathedral of Monreale and Frederick II’s Castle in Giuliana.
There are also many convents, churches, abbeys and palaces that can be traced back to the Baroque period.
Decorations such as stuccos, statues, paintings depicting events in the lives of saints can be found at every corner of these fascinating towns.

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